BlockUI Mod 1.18.1

BlockUI Mod 1.18.1 provides an XML-based UI management system for Minecraft the game. It defines the structures for the UI and supports many UI tools.


It actually determines the structure for the UI inside an XML while offering a backing “Window” class. The class is used to solve callbacks and data supply.

People have utilized it in plenty of past projects such as Structurize and MineColonies. At present, you can deploy it in projects like StorageRacks and MultiPiston.

Now, the author continuously updates the mod. Here are some UI tools that it supports:

  • Images
  • Buttons and Button Handlers
  • Text Input
  • Scroll and DragScreens
  • And more

BlockUI is an API and Library mod with a new UI management system.


  • Minecraft Forge



Minecraft Mod 1.18.1

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