DarkoHUD [Forge] Mod 1.16.5

DarkoHUD [Forge] Mod 1.16.5 recreates the customized variant of InGameInfoXML that worked in SKyfactory 1. It was faster to form the mod instead of port IGIXML.



Armor and held items show in the left-center of the screen

The remaining durability of items displays next to them.

Day, Time, and Biome exist in the bottom-left corner

Biome name will turn green when in a slime chunk or in a swamp at the right height for slime spawning. Slime Chunk detection is only active if the mod is existing on the server (or in singleplayer).

DarkoHUD is a Map and Information mod. It allows you to create the customized version of InGameInfoXML again.


  • Minecraft Forge


Instructions on installing DarkoHUD Mod

  • Minecraft Forge must be installed in advance.
  • On your computer, you start finding the Minecraft application folder. There are two ways to find the application, depending on the OS you are using:
    • For Windows PC, from the Start menu, you start “Run” then type like this: “%appdata%”. Select “Run” when everything is done.
    • For Mac, you launch finder and press down ALT. Then, you select Go and choose Library displayed in the top menu bar. Next, you will access the Application Support folder where you will find Minecraft.
  • You put the downloaded DarkoHUD Mod into the Mods folder.
  • Start to open the game then select the mods button. This is when you know the DarkoHUD Mod is already installed.

DarkoHUD Mod Download Links

Minecraft Mod 1.16.5

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