Domum Ornamentum 1.18.2

Domum Ornamentum [Forge] Mod 1.18.2/1.17.1 gives out many skinnable blocks that you can use in buildings in Minecraft. Its gameplay and other information are available to learn!

Domum Ornamentum
Domum Ornamentum

What is Domum Ornamentum?

It’s a Minecraft mod that offers skinnable blocks to improve your building. The core is a reskinning supporting model loader. The loader can collect the skin information that comes from a none ticking block entity.


It’s possible for you to craft an architects cutter and place materials.

Next, choose the type of skinned block in the middle. Remember to pick up the result on the right!

In summary, the architects cutter is a good-looking stone cutter.

Vanilla compatibility

By default, the mod generates a lot of different compatibility tags. They are useful for you to skin its blocks with others.

The tags are available at

They introduce an overview of the tags to enable compatibility. Modders can add their blocks to these to turn on compatibility.

Vanilla compatibility (State)

State of the application: The present state of the Domum Ornamentum mod is RELEASE. The developer tested it carefully. But, similar to all other mods, bugs can appear. You should report them.

Mod compatibility

By default, a modder needs to add his blocks to the right material tags.

Nevertheless, most of these extend from other tags. Hence, it’s just necessary to supplement the planks or logs to the vanilla tag for DO to gather them.


The method to install the mod is dissimilar if you are a player or a modder, specifically:

To start the installation process when you’re a player, you have to complete the following steps.

Download the correct version

Form a Forge-based profile in your favorite launcher

Drop the mod jar into the mods folder of your profile

Explore it!

Domum Ornamentum is a cosmetic mod as well as an API and Library.


  • Minecraft Forge


Download Links

Minecraft Mod 1.18.2
Minecraft Mod 1.18.1
Minecraft Mod 1.17.1

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