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Helpful Villagers Mod 1.7.10

Feeling exhausted from cutting trees, navigating mines, or farming for ungrateful pigs in Minecraft? Bid farewell to the grind with the game-changing Helpful Villagers Mod! Now, watch diligent villagers handle crucial tasks, freeing you up for thrilling adventures.

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Helpful Villagers Mod 1.7.10

The mod introduces a skilled lumberjack who actively seeks out trees, cuts them down, and even plants saplings to ensure the sustainability of your forests. Rest assured, the lumberjack won’t harm any wood within your village, preserving your structures.

Meet the miner – a smart villager who digs downward in a spiral pattern outside the village, minimizing potential dangers and ensuring easy surface access. Detecting nearby ores, the miner creates side tunnels to extract valuable resources. Once the task is complete, the miner climbs back up to initiate another mine elsewhere.

No more manual farming! The farmer villager diligently searches your village for wheat, carrots, potatoes, melons, or pumpkins. By harvesting fully grown crops, replanting new ones, and returning the next day for routine checks, the farmer ensures your agricultural needs are met effortlessly.

Furthermore, this Minecraft mod equips your villagers with armor to shield them from harm. With the added benefit of slow health regeneration over time, your workforce becomes more resilient and efficient.

Before altering a villager’s profession, build a guild hall. Choose a building with a door, place an item frame next to the door, and insert an item corresponding to the desired profession (e.g., an axe for a lumberjack) into the frame. Now, effortlessly change the professions of your villagers.


Enhanced Villagers:

  • New model: Villagers get a visual makeover, looking more like player characters with improved textures and animations.
  • Interaction: Right-clicking villagers opens a new interface for assigning tasks, accessing their inventory, and equipping them with items.
  • Inventory: Villagers can now carry a small chest-sized inventory that you can access and manage.
  • Equipment: Villagers can wear functional armor and hold tools or weapons, which influence their abilities and tasks.

Professions and Tasks:

  • Multiple professions: Aside from existing professions like farmers and blacksmiths, the mod introduces new ones like lumberjacks and miners.
  • Automated tasks: Assign villagers specific tasks based on their profession and equipment. Lumberjacks will chop trees, farmers will till land and harvest crops, miners will gather resources, etc.
  • Improved AI: Villagers navigate more intelligently, finding resources and completing tasks efficiently.

In conclusion, say goodbye to mundane tasks and welcome the era of productivity with the Helpful Villagers Mod 1.7.10. Download now and transform your Minecraft world into a thriving and automated community! Upgrade your gaming experience and let your villagers do the hard work while you enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If you want to access these features, go to Minecraft Mods PC and download it for free now for an exciting adventure!

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