About Us

We are a group of web developers and writers who have the same ambition to share with people all over the world much valuable information about computer software, software for PC, Android app for PC, Android app, Android app for Desktop, and Windows 10. At first, we had the idea of creating a blog instead of building a website. But then we changed our mind with the wish to help not only the advanced users but also the beginners who know a little about computers and apps. That is the reason why now you see the website mcmodspc.com

We are really ambitious and passionate about apps on Windows 10 and PC. Therefore, reading our website, you will have enough basic information about technology, computers and some tips about Android and Mac. Besides, there is one matter many users have to face is many current apps are now only available on smartphones. Although they have attracted millions of people to download, the developers seem to have no plan to release the PC versions. We know that all the fans of them cannot wait their whole time for something unreal. It is one element to push us to keep working on this website. We hope that you can find all the necessary information to understand and download the apps you want.