Kitsune Origin Mod 1.18.1

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Kitsune Origin 1.18.1/1.17.1 is a mod for Kitsune Origin. It adds to the game that you love only 1 new origin giving you various unique abilities.

Kitsune Origin
Kitsune Origin

Main functions of Kitsune Origin

Features of the mod will revolve around the present Kitsune Origin. It’s available here to help you make use of your talent and perform plenty of special skills as follows.

Pounce [Primary] – do a great leap towards the direction that you are facing. Even, you can cause more damage while you are falling.

Phasing [Secondary] – allows you to walk through the solid materials, except obsidian, crying obsidian, barriers, and bedrock. Meanwhile, you are capable of phasing up or down.

Mighty Mouth [Tertiary | Load Hotbar Activator Key] – feasible to implement a secret stash that nobody but you can control. You can access the pouch when you utilize the Load Hotbar Activator Key.

Scram! – if your health reaches below 4 hearts, you will receive a small speed boost.

Acrobatics – nothing in Kitsune Origin can inflict damage to you when you’re falling regardless of the height you fall.

Small frame – your small frame provides little weight. It’s easy for you to move at the cost of health.

Home Sweet Home – your natural spawn point exists in the Taiga biome.

Vulpine Diet – berries are the favorite food of Kitsunes. Hence, they can cure 3.5 hunger points and 13.4 saturation points. That’s really more suitable than eating cooked beef. Nevertheless, golden carrots are better. Your diet is restricted to meat, fish, and berries. So, you cannot eat vegetables.

Drip (Fundy reference) – it’s impossible for you to master chanimail armor, leather armor, and netherite armor.

Paws – you are not able to wield a shield and deal less damage with projectiles due to the way your paws are built.

Fast Metabolism – a small body showing awesome movements needs a lot of food.

Kitsune Origin is an addons mod with a new origin and a series of distinctive skills.


  • Minecraft Forge
  • Fabric API
  • Fabric Modloader


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