Cases Mod 1.12.2

Get ready to add some luck to your Minecraft journey with Cases Mod 1.12.2. It’s inspired by CS: GO’s Weapon Case Loot Mod. Whether you’re a veteran miner or a new explorer, Cases Mod brings excitement. It lets you discover treasures and tools in surprising spots.

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Cases Mod 1.12.2

With Cases Mod, the thrill of discovery is heightened as defeating mobs could reveal hidden cases scattered across the landscape. These cases, reminiscent of those found in CS: GO, contain an assortment of random items, ranging from weapons to tools and beyond. The chance of encountering a case adds an element of unpredictability to your gameplay, keeping you on your toes as you navigate the game’s challenges.

Besides, Cases Mod offers a wide variety of items, including weapons, tools, and useful gadgets. Each discovery can improve your gameplay and help you progress faster. This Minecraft mod can easily work alongside other mods, enhancing your gaming experience. Finding items from different mods in a single case adds excitement and customization to your game.

Furthermore, for those looking to streamline their progression through the early stages of the game, Cases Mod offers a welcome shortcut. Luck can give players valuable resources right at the beginning. It helps speed up their progress in Minecraft’s expansive world. Whether you’re digging deep or facing Nether dangers, starting with powerful gear is crucial for survival.


  • Cases by McJty adds decorative display cases to Minecraft in various shapes and sizes. They can display items from your inventory or from other mods. The mod also includes stands and pedestals for even more display options.
  • Lucky Cases adds cases that contain random loot, similar to the cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The cases can be crafted or found in the world, and they contain items from all of the mods you have installed.

In conclusion, Cases Mod 1.12.2 elevates Minecraft gameplay. Inspired by CS: GO’s Weapon Case Loot Mod, it adds excitement. Whether you want rare treasures or quick progression, Cases Mod has you covered.

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