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Pam’s BoneCraft Mod 1.12.2

Are you tired of collecting bones in Minecraft with no exciting use? Look no further! Pam’s BoneCraft Mod 1.12.2 introduces a fascinating twist to your gaming experience, offering a new purpose for those precious bones. Dive into the depths of your Minecraft world, mine Fossil Ore, and unleash a world of possibilities.

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Pam’s BoneCraft Mod focuses on bringing in Fossil Ore, providing an archaeological twist to your Minecraft adventures. Scattered across different biomes, you’ll find this ore in amounts ranging from 6 to 10 blocks, consistently below sea level at 64. With a frequency comparable to iron, this ore adds excitement for players looking to amp up their resources and gameplay.

As you venture through the Minecraft world, keep an eye out for the distinct appearance of Fossil Ore. Once discovered, mine it to unearth the hidden treasures within. The mod encourages players to explore different biomes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the mining experience. The fossils obtained can be used for crafting various items, expanding your toolkit, and enhancing your overall gameplay.

This Minecraft Mod doesn’t just stop at introducing Fossil Ore – it brings a complete set of tools and armor for players to experiment with. Crafted from the fossils you unearth, these tools and armor provide unique benefits and durability, making them a valuable addition to your arsenal. Whether you’re digging deep into the earth or fending off hostile mobs, the new gear offers both style and functionality.


Bone Resources:

  • Introduces a new “fossilized ore” that generates underground and drops bones.
  • Adds a recipe to convert two bones into four sticks, providing an alternative wood source.

Tools and Armor:

  • Expands crafting possibilities with a full set of bone tools and armor.
  • Bone tools progress similarly to wooden tools in terms of durability and mining level.
  • Bone armor offers decent protection with a unique bone aesthetic.

Additional Content:

  • Decorative bone blocks for building, including bone slabs, stairs, and walls.
  • Bone weapons like bone clubs and spears for a prehistoric combat experience.
  • Bone meal uses beyond vanilla, such as speeding up plant growth and activating bone structures.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Pam’s other HarvestCraft mods for a cohesive crafting experience.
  • Lightweight and compatible with other popular Minecraft 1.12.2 mods.

In conclusion, Pam’s BoneCraft Mod 1.12.2 enriches the Minecraft experience by turning an everyday item like bones into a valuable resource. The introduction of Fossil Ore, along with new tools and armor, opens up a world of possibilities for players seeking adventure and variety in their gameplay.

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Curseforge Server

Developer: Pamharvestcraft


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