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The below factors must be written in your copyright infringement claim

1. Give us clear evidence of the authorized person in order to act as the behalf of the owner who allegedly infringed.

2. Give us the details address that we can use to contact you such as your email address.

3. You must identify the details of the copyright actions informed to be infringed and attach at least one search term that is shown on our website.

4. The complaining side has a faith that anyone who uses the work of the author illegally means they are not authorized by the legal owner.

5. A statement to inform the information in the notification is true and based on the penalty of perjury. The complaining side is allowed to act on the behalf of the legal owner who is infringed.

6. The copyright infringement must have the signature of the authorized person so as to act on the behalf of the owner who is infringed.

Send the infringement notification through contacting us

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