Antique Atlas Mod 1.12.2 Feature

Antique Atlas Mod 1.12.2

Are you ready to take your Minecraft gameplay to a whole new level? Dive into the immersive world of Antique Atlas Mod 1.12.2, a game-changing modification that redefines the way you interact with passive animals in Minecraft.

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Antique Atlas Mod 1.12.2

Antique Atlas is a Minecraft Mod featuring the exclusive “Antique Atlas” item. It grants players access to a specialized map screen. By crafting this item, players can smoothly navigate the map with click and drag, and zoom in and out using the scroll wheel. On-screen buttons facilitate adding, removing, and hiding markers, as well as exporting the map to a PNG image file. Additionally, there’s a default minimap feature activated when the Atlas is placed in the off-hand slot, which can be disabled via the Mod Settings under “AntiqueAtlasOverlay”.

Besides, the mod generates the map around the player by associating a single biome with each 16×16 block chunk. Even custom biomes added by other mods are automatically assigned default texture sets based on their types in the Forge BiomeDictionary. However, players have the freedom to incorporate their own texture packs with custom textures. Exporting the map as an image file saves it in PNG format and captures the current dimension the player is exploring within Minecraft.


Antique Atlas Mod 1.12.2 features:

  • Craftable Antique Atlas: The Antique Atlas is a craftable item that enables a special map screen.
  • Infinite map size: The Antique Atlas can map an infinite area around the player.
  • Zoom and pan: The player can navigate the map by zooming in and out, and by panning around.
  • Markers: The player can add markers to the map to mark important locations, such as their home, dungeons, or mines.
  • Export to image: The player can export the map to an image file in PNG format.

In brief, the Antique Atlas mod is a great way to improve navigation and exploration in Minecraft. It is especially useful for large worlds or mod packs with complex terrain.

If you are interested in this mod, go to Minecraft Mods PC and download it for free now for an exciting adventure!


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Curseforge Server

Developer: Hunternif


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