Camping Craze Mod 1.17.1

Camping Craze [Forge] Mod 1.17.1 will use up the camping experience of the game. It completes the goal by adding a series of mechanics that you can find now.

Camping Craze
Camping Craze

How Camping Craze mod works

Its main aim is to make use of the camping experience of Minecraft. Therefore, it releases a set of many different mechanics as follows.

Sleeping Bags – you will be able to sleep through the night without setting your spawn.

Backpacks – they will help you store your favorite stuff and you can bring them while traveling.

Campfire Grills – they can expend the Campfire’s cooking possibilities even further.

Bear Traps – they prevent bears from going after you.

And many more

Camper Villager – a person who sells everything above. He will offer new foods.

Food items – from Blueberries to Marshmallows, you can control unique mechanics to prepare all of the foods you want.

Camping Craze is a cosmetic mod with lots of surprising secrets.


  • Minecraft Forge


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Minecraft Mod 1.17.1

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