End Remastered 1.18.1

End Remastered Mod 1.18.1 adds to Minecraft 12 new Ender Eyes with a very big castle and a dangerous dungeon. It makes your game become more challenging.

End Remastered
End Remastered

What is End Remastered?

The mod causes your Minecraft experience to be more exciting by emphasizing the adventurous side of the game. In which, the dungeon will take the place of the vanilla strongholds.

It supports version 1.17.1.


To learn much more about the End Remastered mod, please take a look at the following section!


It is the major focus of the edition.

To approach the End and to defeat the Ender Dragon, you need to collect enough 12 custom eyes. You can search for them by discovering vanilla structures and fighting against vanilla bosses.

After you loot the eyes, you can go after them until you enter an End Gate. Or, you’re able to choose to trade with a Cartographer in order to own a map to the End Castle.

After reaching one of those structures, it’s important to seek out the hidden portal room. Start the portal by putting 12 eyes inside the frames.

The Eyes

They are a crucial part of the End Remastered mod. Similar to Vanilla Ender Eyes, they’ll follow you to switch on the portal to the End. Different from Vanilla Ender Eyes, you cannot pick them up from Endermen. Try to explore, fight, win, and mine!

List of Eyes and where to find them:

  1. Old Eye – in Desert Pyramids, the asset of a great Sandworm
  2. Nether Eye – in Nether Fortresses, a demon lost it in a battle between the Aether and the Nether
  3. Cold Eye – in Igloos, one of the last pieces that the Iceologers left before they suddenly disappeared from the world
  4. Rogue Eye – in Jungle Pyramids, provides our ancestors the knowledge of Redstone
  5. Black Eye – in Buried Chests, gives the power of seeing to the legendary Black Pearl, according to pirates
  6. Magical Eye – Evokers drop them and they will have no power anymore
  7. Lost Eye – in Mineshafts, the first blacksmiths of time forged it
  8. Corrupted Eye – in Pillager Outposts, grants unlimited fortune to its owner
  9. Wither Eye – The Wither drops it, owns witnessed destruction
  10. Guardian Eye – Destroy Elder Guardian to loot it, an eye that witnessed warriors drown into the deep sea
  11. End Crystal Eye – Utilize the End Crystal Fragment to craft it, contains a shard of the Enderdragon Soul
  12. Witch Eye (new) – in the Custom Witch Huts

The End Castle

In End Remastered, you can see it by controlling a Map. But, you can change that via the config file. Trade with a cartographer to acquire the map!

The End Castle is an enchanting structure.

The End Gate

It’s a dungeon that can extend. It’s a location to delve deeper, beat traps, and conquer challenges.

To reach the hidden portal, it’s necessary to manage your creativity to deal with 3 puzzles.

All rooms will appear at random. In other words, every End Gate is unique. Additionally, puzzles will alter from one to the other.

The Custom Eyes will help you look for it like vanilla strongholds. It’s not hard to modify this in the config file.

Other features

You can catch sight of some items such as:

  • New gear and new tools with a new ore

You can interact with crafting recipes easily to complete the following objects:

The End Crystal Eye

The Witch Eye

The End Crystal Ingot


End Remastered is a mod where you can engage in a lot of adventures, explorations, and mysteries.


  • Fabric API
  • Fabric Modloader

Download Links

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Minecraft Mod 1.18.1 (Fabric)
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