Farsight Mod 1.20.1 Feature

Farsight Mod 1.20.1

Farsight Mod version 1.20.1 introduces magnificent features to Minecraft. With an unlimited world and the ability to travel to anywhere they want, players can download and install, encounters with them are more dynamic and unpredictable.

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Farsight Mod 1.20.1

The Farsight Mod 1.20.1 transforms the way players engage with Minecraft’s expansive landscapes. In the regular game, players face limitations imposed by their computer’s capabilities, restricting their field of vision. Slow loading of chunks, especially in multiplayer setups, hinders exploration. Farsight Mod addresses these challenges with four essential features.

Firstly, it offers a higher view distance on the client side, allowing players to appreciate Minecraft’s world in all its glory without compromising their FPS. Secondly, Farsight ensures there’s no extra load or lag, enabling seamless gameplay even in highly detailed environments. Moreover, this Minecraft mod seamlessly integrates with any resource pack, catering to various player preferences. With Farsight Mod 1.20.1, players can now relish Minecraft’s boundless world without the frustrations of limited visibility, creating an incredibly immersive gaming experience.


Farsight Mod 1.20.1 is a client-side mod that allows players to see much further in already visited chunks than the server chunk distance. This can be useful for spotting distant structures, enemies, or other players. The mod also includes a number of other features, such as:

  • Zoom: Players can zoom in on distant objects to get a closer look.
  • Night vision: Players can enable night vision to see better in the dark.
  • Highlighting: Players can highlight certain blocks or entities to make them easier to spot.
  • Waypoints: Players can set waypoints to mark locations on the map.
  • Coordinates: Players can display their coordinates on the screen.

In conclusion, the Farsight Mod 1.20.1 is not just an enhancement; it’s a game-changing addition to your Minecraft experience. Say goodbye to limitations imposed by your computer’s power and bid farewell to frustratingly slow chunk loading on multiplayer servers.

If you are interested in this mod, go to Minecraft Mods PC and download it for free now for an exciting adventure!

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Developer: Someaddon


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