JourneyMap Integration 1.16.5

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JourneyMap Integration [Forge] Mod 1.18.2/1.16.5 is a design that is available to allow JourneyMap to support a few functions from other mods. Its goal is to improve your life’s quality.

JourneyMap Integration
JourneyMap Integration

JourneyMap Integration Description

It’s necessary to install it on both the Client and Server.

Here are the existing supports:


Show off claimed chunks

Supplement an Info Slot that displays claimed chunk name at your present position. This is not applicable by default. In case you are a pack maker, you can send the default config with it.

Automatically switch off the features that cannot exist with JourneyMap (MiniMap, Death waypoint, Waypoint beam)


Reveal the waystone on the JourneyMap as an icon marker. I would be better than waypoints, specifically in a world with tones of waystones.


Default-config shipper

Planned features:

Immersive Engineering and Immersive Petroleum ore vein support.

It’s free to request integration for other mods. But, the owner may not add it.

JourneyMap Integration is an addons mod. It changes and brings back some improvements to help you live in-game comfortably.


  • Minecraft Forge


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Minecraft Mod 1.16.5

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