Fantasycraft [Fabric] Mod 1.16.5

Fantasycraft [Fabric] Mod 1.16.5 has already added a large number of new ores, resources, tools, armor, weapons, and other blocks. Download to enrich your game with coming adventures!


We have had a Minecraft mod set in Fabric port. The inspiration comes from various sources such as the books, moves, and games with the Origins mod by Aspace100.

Additions consist of:

Plenty of ores, tools, armaments, items, armor, and blocks

You can check the full information on its wiki page.

Extra features are:

Fantasycraft Origins (install Origins, Extra Origins, and Pehkui for Fantasycraft Origins so it can run)

Origins comprise:







Thanks to OroArmor, the author could process issues while he was developing the release. Please try out their mod Netherite Plus!

Fantasycraft is a Fabric mod sharing a lot of benefits for combat. It requires Cloth Config API, Fabric API, and Fabric Modloader to start.


Instructions on installing Fantasycraft [Fabric] Mod

  • Minecraft Forge must be installed in advance.
  • On your computer, you start finding the Minecraft application folder. There are two ways to find the application, depending on the OS you are using:
    • For Windows PC, from the Start menu, you start “Run” then type like this: “%appdata%”. Select “Run” when everything is done.
    • For Mac, you launch finder and press down ALT. Then, you select Go and choose Library displayed in the top menu bar. Next, you will access the Application Support folder where you will find Minecraft.
  • You put the downloaded Fantasycraft [Fabric] Mod into the Mods folder.
  • Start to open the game then select the mods button. This is when you know the Fantasycraft [Fabric] Mod is already installed.

Fantasycraft [Fabric] Mod Download Links

Minecraft Mod 1.16.5

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