Carry On Mod 1.19.2

Category: Storage

Tired of relying on ropes to move animals? Carry On Mod 1.19.2 lets you pick up and move animals effortlessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome tools. Explore the freedom of mobility within Minecraft, reshaping your world according to your imagination.

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Carry On Mod 1.19.2

Enhance your Minecraft gameplay with Carry On Mod 1.19.2, a revolutionary addition that grants you the power to manipulate the game world like never before. Say goodbye to the limitations of moving only empty chests or functional blocks! This Minecraft mod empowers you to pick up, hold, and relocate any functional block, animal, or object with a simple keystroke.

With Carry On Mod 1.19.2, interacting with your Minecraft world becomes intuitive. Just press “Shift + right mouse click” to lift any block, functional object, or animal into your hands. No need for additional items or tools; your empty hands are all you require.

Worried about losing your items? Fret not! This mod preserves the inventory of chests, machines, and other functional blocks, ensuring your items remain intact during relocation. All states, metadata, and NBT data are retained seamlessly, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Enjoy the benefits of this mod with your favorite machines from other tech mods. Carry On Mod 1.19.2 seamlessly integrates with various mods, allowing you to carry and manipulate a wide array of objects and blocks, enhancing your overall gaming experience.


  • Pick up and carry single-block Tile Entities with your bare hands. This includes chests, furnaces, droppers, spawners, and machines from other tech mods.
  • Retain all states, metadata, inventory, and NBT data. This means that when you place the Tile Entity down, it will be exactly as you left it.
  • Carry around smaller mobs. This includes chickens, pigs, sheep, and cows. You can even stack smaller mobs on top of larger ones!
  • Blacklist specific blocks or entire mods. This is useful if there are certain blocks or mods that you don’t want to be able to carry.

In conclusion, the Carry-On Mod 1.19.2 is a simple but powerful mod that can add a lot of convenience to your Minecraft gameplay. It’s especially useful for players who use a lot of tech mods, as it allows you to easily move your machines around.

If you want to access these features, go to Minecraft Mods PC and download it for free now for an exciting adventure!


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