Inventory Sorting Mod 1.16.5

Are you tired of fumbling through your Minecraft inventory, desperately searching for that one item you need? Look no further! The Inventory Sorting Mod 1.16.5 is here to revolutionize your gameplay experience.

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Inventory Sorting Mod 1.16.5

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually organizing your items. With the Inventory Sorting Mod, you can effortlessly sort all your inventory items with just a click. This Minecraft mod also introduces intuitive features that make inventory management a breeze, saving you time and frustration.

Besides, no more tedious scrolling to find identical items. The mod allows you to double-click on any item in your inventory, instantly selecting all identical elements. It’s a game-changer for swift and precise item selection.

Furthermore, fine-tune the quantity of items you want to extract from a stack effortlessly. Hover over a stack, use the mouse wheel, and define the exact amount you need. This feature not only streamlines your inventory but also adds a level of control to your item management.

Sorting your inventory is as simple as clicking the mouse wheel. Enjoy the convenience of instantly arranging all your items for a neat and organized inventory layout. No more manual dragging and dropping—let the mod do the work for you.

So, if you’re worried about compatibility with other mods, fear not! The Inventory Sorting Mod extends its functionality to inventories of blocks and objects added by other mods. It’s a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates with your Minecraft experience.


  • Middle-click sorting: Sort entire stacks of items with a single click.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling: scroll through your inventory one item at a time.
  • Sort containers: Sort items in containers like chests, furnaces, and shulker boxes.
  • Customizable sorting: Choose your preferred sorting order (e.g., alphabetical, by item type, etc.).
  • Blacklist items: Prevent specific items from being sorted.
  • Lock slots: Prevent specific slots from being filled or emptied.
  • Quick stack transfer: Transfer entire stacks of items between inventories with a single click.
  • Search bar: Quickly find specific items in your inventory.
  • Inventory profiles: Save and load different inventory configurations for different situations.
  • Item filters: Hide or show specific items in your inventory.
  • Keybinds: Customize keybinds for sorting actions.
  • Compact GUI: Option to hide the sorting buttons for a cleaner look.
  • Configuration file: extensive configuration options to customize the mod to your liking.

In conclusion, don’t let a cluttered inventory slow you down. Upgrade to Inventory Sorting Mod 1.16.5 and take control of your in-game belongings. Experience the freedom of efficient inventory management and focus on what truly matters—your Minecraft adventures.

If you want to access these features, go to Minecraft Mods PC and download it for free now for an exciting adventure!


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Developer: Kyrptonaught


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