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MaLiLib Mod 1.16.5

Looking to enhance your Minecraft experience? Dive into the world of mods with MaLiLib Mod 1.16.5! Created by Masa, this library mod provides essential shared code for client-side Minecraft mods, unlocking a realm of possibilities for players.

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MaLiLib Mod 1.16.5

MaLiLib is a powerhouse library mod designed to streamline the functionality of various client-side Minecraft mods. It acts as the backbone, offering configuration options, keybind features, GUI code, and utility functions that elevate your gaming experience.

Several popular mods, including Item Scroller, Litematica, MiniHUD, TellMe, and Tweakeroo, rely on MaLiLib for seamless integration. The changelog of each dependent mod specifies the required version of MaLiLib, underscoring its pivotal role in maintaining compatibility.

Besides, as the Minecraft modding landscape evolves, keeping your mods up to date is crucial. When one mod necessitates a newer MaLiLib version, it’s a signal for a comprehensive update. Synchronize the updates for all your mods to ensure a harmonious and compatible gaming experience.

Originally tailored for LiteLoader mods, MaLiLib has evolved to support both Fabric and Forge for Minecraft 1.16.5, along with later versions. This adaptability ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of MaLiLib across different Minecraft environments.


MaLiLib is a library mod for Minecraft that provides a variety of features for other mods. These features include:

  • API compatibility: MaLiLib is compatible with all versions of Minecraft from 1.14+ and with both the Fabric and Forge loaders.
  • Shared Code Advantages: MaLiLib facilitates the collaborative use of code and resources among mod creators, minimizing duplication and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Effortless Keybindings: MaLiLib comes equipped with user-friendly keybinding features, enabling players to effortlessly assign keys to various mod functions.
  • Malilib extensions: MaLiLib has several extensions that provide additional features, such as block placement helpers, tooltips, and particle effects.
  • Intuitive GUI Design: MaLiLib incorporates GUI code, simplifying the process for mod creators to craft user-friendly and intuitive graphical interfaces.
  • Documentation: MaLiLib has comprehensive documentation that covers all of its features in detail.

In summary, MaLiLib Mod 1.16.5 is your gateway to an enriched Minecraft experience. Empower your gameplay with this versatile library mod and unlock the full potential of your favorite client-side mods. Download MaLiLib Mod 1.16.5 today and embark on a new level of gaming excitement!

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Developer: Masady


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