Bigger-Caves Mod 1.17.1

Category: Biomes

Bigger-Caves Mod 1.17.1 will introduce to every player in the Minecraft playfield a new cave generation. You will be able to act in caves in an easier manner.


About Bigger-Caves

It is a release containing a strange cave generation of 1.18 in Minecraft 1.17.1.

The author recommended the user download the present mod rather than the Datapack. You should do that since the creation is simpler for you to install and faster to drop it into a mod pack. That’s like a feature in the mod pack.

Note! You are capable of making a new world with the support of the existing product always! Otherwise, you will make your world outdated.

Bigger-Caves is a mod that affects many different aspects of the game, for example, World Gen, Biomes, Dimensions, and Structures. It requires the gamer to download and install Minecraft Forge. According to the creator, there is also a Fabric version.


Minecraft Forge


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Minecraft Mod 1.17.1

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